Thursday, December 19, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a very Grinch filled day :)  It was a ton of fun!

Reminder- tomorrow is a noon dismissal and there is no after care.

No homework tonight :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today.
We continue to review for the math test.  With the delayed opening, I am moving the  test to Thursday so we have one more day to review.


Spelling- sentences 1-6
Math- p 49, Test Thursday
Read your book

Tomorrow the 7th grade will do the Nativity play at 2pm in the church- all are welcome.
Friday is a noon dismissal- there is no aftercare

Monday, December 16, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today!  We continued to read and learn about hibernation.  We also discussed other holidays that are celebrated around this time of year.  In math we reviewed for the test Wednesday.  In religion we learned about Advent and we read about making choices and having free will.  We did two new letters in cursive.

Spelling words this week are for fun- there will be no test.



Spelling- write words 3 times each
Math - p48
Read your book- students chose Christmas books for this week :)

Have a good night!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Good Afternoon!!

We had such a fantastic day today.  I hope everyone enjoyed the fairy tales as much as we did!  Everyone worked so hard and did a beautiful job!

Have a great weekend!

Some notes for next week....

The Nativity Pageant is at 2 pm on Wednesday in the upper church
Friday 12/20 is a noon dismissal - there is no after care

Next week there will be no spelling test.  The students will get some words on Monday, to use for homework, but they will be fun/Christmas related words.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Good Afternoon!

What a busy day we had today.

In religion we learned about the first three commandments.  In math we worked on rewriting horizontal math problems vertically to solve.  We also added three double digit numbers! WOW!
In grammar we worked on nouns.  In reading we learned about Christmas in Australia and we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The chapter 4 math test will be next Wednesday.  Here is the review:

Chapter 4 Review

~ know how to add double digits with and without carrying

~know how to estimate/round to the nearest ten

~know how to mentally add a number to a series of numbers
For example: add 20 to each of these numbers
13, 23, 33, 43

~be able to regroup
Regroup: 6 tens 12 ones
Answer:   7 tens 2 ones

~be able to add three double digit numbers

~word problems- including multistep word problems

Spelling- sentences 1-7
Math- p 47
Read your book

Reminder:  Fairy Tales Publishing Party Friday 8:30 am
Thursday- Christmas Concert 7 pm
Pizza Lunch Tomorrow

Monday, December 9, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today.  We finished the unit of types of sentences in grammar.  We wrote about our weekend, went to mass and continue to learn about Advent.

Spelling Words this Week



Spelling- write your words 3x each

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today.  We started the day with prayer partners.  Together with the eighth grade, we made birthday cards for Jesus.  In math we worked on regrouping in addition.  In reading we read and wrote about reindeer.

I sincerely apologize for the note that went home yesterday with the wrong date for the fairytale party.  The date on the blog and in the notebook is correct- December 13.  I am so sorry.  A new note is in the folder today.


Spelling- test tomorrow
Math- p 46
Read your book

Have a great night.  See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had such a fun day!  We continue to read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."  We also started a reading unit on nonfiction and we will incorporate science in this unit, and learn about reindeer!  In math we learned about hidden information and we started regrouping in addition.  We are still working on the fairy tales but making great progress!

We will have a publishing party next Friday morning at 8:30 am.  All parents are welcome to come hear our fabulous stories.  Afterwards, we will have some refreshments!  If you can only come to hear your child and then need to scoot out for work, please let me know in advance so I can have your child read at the beginning.

In religion we are learning about Advent and the Ten Commandments.

I know all of that is very exciting....but most exciting is....we started cursive today!

Santa's Workshop is next week.  We go on Tuesday.  Please send the envelope back with who to purchase for and money if you would like your go shopping.

Next Monday is a half day.

Next Wednesday is pizza lunch.

Next Thursday is the concert at 7 pm

Friday is the Feast of Saint Nicholas.  He ALWAYS makes a stop in second grade and leaves a treat in their shoes- as the tradition is in Holland.  Please send your child to school tomorrow with a shoe to leave overnight to see if he stops by with treats :)


Spelling- sentences 8-13
Math - p45
Read your book

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Good Afternoon

We had a great day!  In religion we are learning about Advent.  In math we worked on mental math and regrouping.  We worked on our fairy tales in writing.  We started the read the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" together!


Math- p 44
Spelling- sentences 1-7
Read your book

Book orders due Friday- if you wish to purchase gifts for Christmas without anyone knowing- let me know and I will be sure to get them to you without anyone seeing :)

Monday is a half day - 10:30 mass

Friday is a full day.

See you tomorrow :)

Monday, December 2, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a good day, despite the snow!  We worked on our fairy tales and we wrote about our Thanksgiving Day. We also started the morning as a school and had the creche blessed by Father Anthony.  We had a special prayer service for the start of Advent.


Spelling- write words three times each (I posted the words yesterday, so if you were absent today, you can copy them on a piece of paper and write them there instead of in your notebook)

Read your book

See you tomorrow!  Enjoy the snow and stay safe!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Happy First Day of Advent :)

Hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday!  We all have so much for which to be thankful.

Here are this week's spelling words:



Enjoy this snowy Sunday!  See everyone tomorrow :)