Thursday, January 3, 2019

Good Afternoon

We were very busy today.  In reading we read a new story and looked up new vocabulary words in the glossary.  We wrote the definitions and used the words in sentences.  We also worked on making text to self connections.  In math we are working on regrouping in subtraction.  These are the common errors students are making- 1. not showing the work. 2. rushing 3. starting in the tens column.  Students need to be reminded that they must start in the ones column and then ask themselves - "Can 2 take away 5?" before doing the next step.. I know it is tedious and it is new to them so we are working on it at school.  Please practice with them at home as well.

We are working really hard on the Act of Contrition.  Please practice this at home too.


Math- p 58
Reading- read for 10 minutes
Religion- Penance books due Monday, practice Act of Contrition

We are running very low on the following three items- Lysol spray, tissues and pencils.

If you can send some in it would be very much appreciated!!!

Noon dismissal tomorrow :)