Monday, January 14, 2019

Good Afternoon

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

A few notes...

I was out on Friday and therefore the spelling test was not given.  Students should practice last week's words today and tomorrow.  I will give the test on Wednesday.  I will give new words Wednesday to be tested on next Friday.

No school next Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

We were very busy today...

In reading we read a new story called "In the Money."  This is a hard story with a lot of facts and details.  Reading it will be part of the homework a few nights this week.  We reviewed the vocabulary words and looked up the definitions- withdrawals, deposits, loans, employees and vault.
In math we continue to work on double digit subtraction.  I urge you to remind your children to show their work.
In social studies we worked learned about Dr. King and how he was such a hero.  We read about hime, saw two short clips about him and made posters about him.  Tomorrow, on his actual birthday, we will listen to part of his "I Have a Dream" speech.


Spelling- 3x each, test Wednesday
Math- p 63
Reading- "Inn The Money