Thursday, January 24, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a fun packed, exciting day of learning today.

In science we did an experiment about how blubber keeps whales warm.  Ask your child to explain.  In reading we read the decodable book "Apples Up High" and answered comprehension questions.  We also reviewed the vocabulary words.  Please review at home as well- the words culture ( the customs and beliefs of a group of people) and international ( having to do with two or more countries) are still difficult for some students.  In grammar we finished the unit on pronouns, adjectives and adverbs.  We started the unit on contractions.  In math we worked on word problems.

Please see the papers in the students' folders.  One is a detailed list of the events in second grade for next week.  The other is a project on a saint which is due next Wednesday.


Spelling- test tomorrow

Math- p 68

Reading - "Apples Up High"

Religion- Saint Project