Monday, January 28, 2019

Good Afternoon

Welcome to Catholic Schools Week!

We have tons of fun activities planned this week.  Today we learned more about whales- specifically blue whales.  Do you know the the blue whale is not only the BIGGEST animal on the planet, but also the LOUDEST.  It's louder than an airplane!  Also- the blue whale's heart is the size of a small car!

We went to mass today.  The class was so well behaved and they sang beautifully.

I reading we started the story "Out and About in City Hall"
In math we continue to review for the test WEDNESDAY
In social studies we talked about biographies.


No spelling words this week

Math- p 246
Reading -" Out and About in City Hall"
Religion - Saint Project due Wednesday

Tomorrow is Willy Wonka day.  Students may wear (appropriate) pajamas.  We will be having hot chocolate in the afternoon.  Students should wear sneakers.  No slippers please.