Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Good Afternoon!!!

Tomorrow is the big day....and we are ready!!!!!  Students who are going home- pick up is at 11:45, in the front of the school.  Students should return to school without their book bags, dressed in communion outfits.  Students who are staying in school- please bring your entire communion outfit to school to change into after lunch.

May Crowning is at 2pm in the Upper Church.  Students should return to school at 1:30.

We are almost done with the math Chapter.  A test will be next week.  The class did a great job when having to regroup twice in addition, however regrouping (borrowing) twice in subtraction is harder.  They need to slow down and remember to do all the steps.  The common error is knowing they have to borrow but not changing the number they borrowed from.  For example:

- 296

They know that 2 cannot take away six.  They change the 2 to a twelve but forget to change the 1 to a zero.
They do the first step correctly and make that mistake the second time.  They know 0 cannot take away 9.  They change the 0 to a ten but forget to change the 5 to a 4.

This would be a good thing to practice at home :)


Spelling- choose 8 words from the spelling list and use them in sentences, in cursive
Test Friday

Math- p118