Monday, May 20, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today!
Some notes for this week....

There will be a math test tomorrow.  We reviewed today in class.  I didn't send a review sheet because all they need to know is:

Adding and subtracting three digit numbers with and without regrouping
Round to the nearest hundred
Word problems ( some with multiple steps)
Finding patterns in a string of numbers (+/- 1, 10, 100)

Other news for the week....

Field Day is Thursday - shirts went home in book bags today
Friday - half day, no after care
Friday- Tag Day - red, white and blue
Monday- No School, Memorial Day

There will be spelling words this week, but there will not be a test


Spelling - three times each
Math- test tomorrow

If you didn't send in your Communion poster/project please do so ASAP, it was due today

Please send in $15 for next Friday - pizza lunch and Outragehissss Pets