Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had such a busy day today!!!

Once again....we met all of out goals.  In religion we learned about the 7 sacraments.  In math, we learned that we can use addition to check subtraction.  In science we learned about the life cycle of an apple.  In reading and writing we learned how to express thinking about a text and to form opinions and support them with text evidence. We practiced how to find the problem and solution.  We also reviewed new vocabulary words (decision, downhearted.)  We learned about making posters/advertisements and we also wrote opinions about a book we read.  We wrote "I would/would not recommend this book because it was...."  Students had to write their opinion and then use text evidence to support their opinions.


Spelling- write good sentences for the first 6 spelling words

Math- p 9

Read your book :)

See you tomorrow!!