Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Good Afternoon!

What a busy day we had today.

In religion we learned about the first three commandments.  In math we worked on rewriting horizontal math problems vertically to solve.  We also added three double digit numbers! WOW!
In grammar we worked on nouns.  In reading we learned about Christmas in Australia and we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The chapter 4 math test will be next Wednesday.  Here is the review:

Chapter 4 Review

~ know how to add double digits with and without carrying

~know how to estimate/round to the nearest ten

~know how to mentally add a number to a series of numbers
For example: add 20 to each of these numbers
13, 23, 33, 43

~be able to regroup
Regroup: 6 tens 12 ones
Answer:   7 tens 2 ones

~be able to add three double digit numbers

~word problems- including multistep word problems

Spelling- sentences 1-7
Math- p 47
Read your book

Reminder:  Fairy Tales Publishing Party Friday 8:30 am
Thursday- Christmas Concert 7 pm
Pizza Lunch Tomorrow