Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Good Afternoon!

We had such a great day today.  We started a new unit in reading!  After a great- but serious unit in nonfiction- we have switched gears to reading about funny characters.  We will do a lot of character study this month.  Today we read the book "Hooway for Wodney Wat."  It is so funny, but delivers an important message.  The book introduced some great vocabulary words including rodent, barged and uncomfortable.  We talked about how characters change over the course of a story.  Then we wrote letters to the main character.  All of the characters in the book are rodents which explains the science homework for tonight- bring a picture of a rodent.  One character was a capybara!  We watched a science video about this giant rodent!  In math we are working on counting money and today we introduced the half dollar.  We did two new letters in cursive - g and o.  We are nearing the end of the lowe case alphabet.  When we finish I will teach each child his/her name.


Spelling- sentences 1-8
Math- pages 81 AND 82
** Bring a picture of any rodent tomorrow
**Ash Wednesday mass tomorrow- 10:30- all are welcome
**Book Orders due Friday
** Sweatheart Dance Forms due

See everyone tomorrow :)