Thursday, March 19, 2020

Good Morning!

It’s Friday!!!!!  We made it!!!  Here are the plans for the day.  As always, contact me with any issues.

Morning Work:  Math today. Find the worksheet “Different Coins, Same Amounts”  Complete that page.  You have to show two different ways to make each coin combination.  This is a review 

We will zoom today as a class at 1:00

Just click there to join us!

Reading and Writing:  Today we are reading another trickster tale.  This time I will read it to you!!!

Sophia and I recorded me reading it because there wasn’t a good reading on youtube. I will try to post to my blog but I will also email to your parents.
After you are done reading you will complete another graphic organizer like we have been.

Then…..I want you to think out of the box!!!

You have two choices here.

1-   write and draw about how the shell may have been protected/what might Jubati have done to protect his shell?
2-   This is a fun-not necessary- activity.  The weather is beautiful today!  Think about how you might protect a shell.  Ask your mom or dad before you do it. Think …what can you use from around your house to protect a shell?  Paper towels, dish rags, cotton balls, bubble wrap? Be creative.  Take an egg ( an actual egg, or a plastic egg, or something else that’s delicate at home) create a way for it to be safe ( wrap it up, make a nest of sorts) put your entire “creation” in a bag or Tupperware or container. Go outside. Stand in the grass and lift your arm to your head- then drop the container.  Did your shell/item survive without breaking?  Use your journal to write about this experiment J

Math:  Chapter 8Lesson 8-9 Round to the nearest hundred – please complete pages 367and 368

If you finish and have time, go back to the games I have sent you this week for practice J

Remind students about rounding to the nearest 10-which we have done.  Then complete pages 367-268

Spelling-this isn’t on my regular schedule because we usually have a test…please complete the packet.  Next week we willdiscuss a test.

World Language:  Check blog

Religion:  We will miss the stations of the cross today.  Here is a link for a video of the stations of the cross for kids:

I am not going to continue with the posting of extra work.  My feedback, so far,, is that no one need extra.  If you do- let me know J

Science- Let’s think about what you did yesterday? Go back to the  San Diego Zoo page and click on the animal you chose.

Click where it says extra/more information

Read and write three new things you learned.

Remember, if you finish you can do all the "extras" we did all week

Go on Scholastic News, reread and play games
Read your bag of books
Read on epic
Go on the math website and play games

Have a great weekend!!
I am so proud you :)

Pope encouraging Catholics to pray rosary together on Feast of St. Joseph

Pope encouraging Catholics to pray rosary together on Feast of St. Joseph