Thursday, April 23, 2020


Day 24

Good Morning!!!  TGIF

Here are the plans for today.
Zoom is at 9:30.  You need Charlotte’s Web, a pencil and your fat math book.

Morning Work:  Math today. Practice subtraction – do page 116 in the skinny math book.  When you finish start the Charlotte’s Web questions

Reading and Writing:  We will zoom ay 9:30 Please complete the chapter 2 questions.  Please answer in complete sentences.

Have your book and a pencil for zoom.  Also have your fat math book.

Spelling– Please take your spelling test on spelling city. Send me a picture of your score J

Zoom Meeting w Ms J 10:30-11

Math:  We will continue in chapter 9.  Today we will do the lesson where you regroup tens as ones.  We will do the first few on zoom so that you have the hang of it for when you do it.  Take your time.  Pages 411-412

Religion – Chapter 23  You will read pages 266 and 267.  These pages are about how Catholics around the world may celebrate some things slightly differently and may have different customs and traditions, but the core beliefs are all the same.  We all believe:
Jesus is the Son of God
Mary is the Mother f God
We all believe in the saints
We all celebrate the Eucharist
Read these pages then complete the top of page 268

When you finish watch this video- it’s a very short book about how while Mary is always Mary – different countries call her different names.  In fact Mary goes by many names – Mother Mary, Holy Mother, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Knock.

After you listen to the book – choose one title Mary goes by – either from the book or another you know. Draw a picture of Mary.  Write her name ( the one you chose) on the page. Write one fact that ALL Catholics believe about Mary on the page.  When you finish – say a Hail Mary J

Spanish – go to the blog

Science:  We have been learning about the sun.  Go on epic and pick 1 new book or video.  Then watch this video:

Feel free to also revisit “I’m so Hot”  from yesterday.

Then complete the two pages about the sun.  The directions on the “All About The Sun” page say write words.  You can write words/phrases or sentences.


Day 23

Good Morning!  It’s Friday Eve JHere are the plans for the day!

Morning Work:  Complete the Chapter 2 Wilbur page.  Draw a picture of something that happened in chapter 2 of Charlotte’s Web then write a few sentences to summarize the chapter.

Reading and Writing:  We will Zoom again.  We will zoom at 9:30.  Before we zoom please complete the Venn Diagram ( the overlapping circles page) comparing city life and country life. You should have a minimum of three statements for all three places- three things about the city only, three things about the country only and three things that are the same.
When we meet today you will need the following things:
Charlotte’s Web
A pencil
Your completed Venn Diagram
A blank piece of paper ….be ready to do some visualizing my friends!

Grammar:   Take out your Voyages book.  Today we will work on when to use words like: a, an, the, this and that, these and those.
Do page 118 – choose the correct word.  Use the word an when describing something that begins with a vowel
Do p 119- underline the noun- then write near or far on the line- that tree is far, this book is near
Do p 120 – same as page 199 only with these and those – these are near, those are far

Library:  Check Ms. Brewer’s Blog please

Math:  Chapter 9 Lesson 9-12 Counting back by 1, 10 and 100 – My friends – this is EXACTLY the same thing earlier in the chapter- just this time instead of adding, we are subtracting.  Complete pages 409 and 410.  When you finish, complete review page 115 – adding money with regrouping, in your skinny math book.

Religion:  Continue in Chapter 23.  Read 262-265 and complete the activities on those pages.  Pages 264 and 265 are about the Pope.  There is a picture of the last Pope – Pope Benedict.  Who is out current Pope?  On a separate sheet of paper, write the name of our current pope.  Draw a picture of him- or print one out and glue it to the page.  The Pope’s job is a very big one.  Here is a video about the pope:

After you watch the video write one thing you learned about the pope from the video.

Science:  Today we will learn about the sun.  Here are something you should know about the sun

The sun is actually a star.
The sun is the center of the solar system.
It is made up of gas.
It rises in the east and sets in the west.
The sun is very very hot- 28 MILLION degrees F ( today is probably about 60 degrees F- yikes- it’s really hot)
It’s really big- so big you could fit 1 million Earth’s inside it.
Never look directly at the sun, you can hurt your eyes.

You have three jobs today:

Go on epic read one book about the sun – there are read to me options and there’s a video.

Watch this video – my friends if we were in school we would sing this song ( and there’s two more coming) just about every day!  I promise, you will LOVE it.  In fact, your whole family will probably love it and we will revisit it so you remember some facts about the sun!

Finally, complete the page about what life would be like without the sun.  Think about how life is when we have rain or clouds for just a couple days in a row….imagine that every day.  What would grow?  How would we and animals stay warm?