Monday, May 4, 2020

Day 31

Day 31

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!! 
And… falls on Taco Tuesday J

Here’s your morning motivation!  It’s a good one JOle!

Morning Work:  Spelling today – please complete the two spelling pages – abc order and fill in the sentence.  When you finish start reading

Reading and Writing- Zoom at 9:30
Chapter 9 is long – BEFOREzoom please read pages 55 and 56 ( the sentence ends on page 57 – stop at the word grunted.
We will finish chapter 9 together.  
I would like to give the students an opportunity to read aloud as well.  They do not HAVE to…however if they want to let me know in advance – that way I can tell you a paragraph and they can practice prior to zoom..
After we zoom – make a prediction!  The next chapter is called “An Explosion”  What might happen?  Write it on the page I sent.

Math:  Continue in Chapter 9.  We will work on more word problems today.  If we have time to do a few in zoom we will, but the next reading chapter is long, so we might not get to math too.  Do pages 429 and 430 in your fat math book. Then get your skinny math book. As a review for the test do page 121 – odd only.

Art: Check blog

1pm- Voluntary Zoom to review Chapter 9 in math  You will need your skinny math book, paper and a pencil

Religion:  We will continue in Chapter 24.  Please read about how Jesus prayed to his Father on pages 274 and 275.  Then think about how while we can say formal prayers ( Hail Mary, Our Father etc) we can also use our own words to pray.  Use the worksheet to write some prayers of your own.

Social Studies:  It’s Cinco de Mayo!!!  Go on and read the book I assigned about Cinco de Mayo.  
Then watch this short video:

Then please write 3-5 sentences about what you learned.  Draw a picture to go with it.