Monday, May 25, 2020

Day 45

Day 45

Happy Tuesday!!  I hope that everyone had a fabulous few days off and had a chance to rest and relax.

There will be no spelling words this week.
We will Zoom at 9:30 for Charlotte’s Web – please read reading and writing section before we read
We will Zoom at 11:30 for math – this will be the new math zoom time

Before we start this week, a few things about space….over the course of the week please watch this video- it’s really cool – an interview of an astronaut in space.  You only have to see the first 20 minutes or so…however the experiment afterwards is really cool.  If you do the experiment please sent me a video or pictures.  We will discuss the interview on Thursday during Zoom.

Also…tomorrow (Wednesday), for the first time in about ten years, the United States will launch its astronauts into space from America. I have details in tomorrow’s plans…the rocket that the space craft will be lifting off from is the Falcon 9 – for you Star wars fans- this is a nod to Solo’s ship J  The name of the craft itself has yet to be announced.  Please try to watch the lift off – both President Trump and Vice President Pence will be there to watch this historic moment.

Morning Motivation:

Morning Work:  You had a nice long weekend.  Write about it.  Tell me what you did.  Make sure you add details (remember to use synonyms we learned about last week. Instead of good you can fantastic, great, wonderful)  When you finish writing, draw a picture to match your words.

Reading and Writing:  We will read the next Chapter of Charlotte’s Web.  I think parents might want to be on hand for this chapter.  In this chapter, Charlotte tells Wilbur that she is not going back to the barn and that she is indeed dying – as is the natural life of a spider. But it’s sad – it’s sad for me and I have been reading this book every spring for20 years….also, if I am gauging the kids correctly, I think most are unaware of how the turn the book is about to make.  It might be good to have someone around.

For writing today, we will start to write our news article.  We will brainstorm good title and catchy first sentences that grab the attention of the reader.  You will start to write your article when we finish.

Math:  We will Zoom at 11:30  please have your fat math book and a pencil

Art:  Check the art blog

Religion:  We will continue with the Family Life book.  Today we will read and talk about how we change – what can we do now, that we could not do as babies?  We will also learn about making good choices.  Please read and complete pages 23-26

Science :  Scholastic News:  “Beaches of Glass”  I sent this magazine home in the bag I brought you last week.  It’s all about sea glass.  Have you ever seen/held a piece of sea glass?  Sea glass is glass that was thrown in the ocean years ago. Over time the ocean water and sand wear down the glass and make it really smooth.  The beach/es in the article are covered in sea glass because people would dump garbage in the ocean- before they knew how bad that was for the ocean and ocean wild life.  I found this cool video you can watch.  It’s a little long ( ten minutes) but even if you watch just a few minutes you can see what the beach is like.  I found it very interesting.

Then read the magazine and complete the back page.

Math Chapter 10 Review

Math Chapter 10 Review - Test Friday

Chapter 10 Math Review

1.  How to write a fraction based on colored parts of a shape or colored parts of a set

2.  How to put fractions in order from least to greatest

3.  How to estimate about what part of a whole is colored

4.  How to decide if the spinner is more/less/equally likely to land on a color

5.  Compare fractions with <,>,= signs

6.  Choose the outcome:  is it possible, impossible or certain to get a certain outcome given a picture of objects

7.  Write and color equal fractions using a picture

8.  Word Problems – see pages 477, 478